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Michael Reardon
Michael Reardon

Board Member

Michael is Treasurer for Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania. He is a 31-year Veteran of the PA Army National Guard, with twenty of those years spent on active duty. In addition to two deployments, the majority of Mike's active duty service was spent with the PA Counterdrug Joint Task Force, supporting the National Guard, law enforcement, and community-based organizations' efforts to combat drug abuse. He helped develop and lead the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center, coordinated efforts within the PA Army National Guard to obtain help for uniformed members and veterans dealing with substance abuse, and worked closely with other support services to provide holistic support to at-risk soldiers and their families. He retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 3 in 2014.

Mike holds a Bachelor's degree in Rehabilitation Education from Penn State University. In addition to his military career, Mike has been a lifelong “do it yourself-er”. From helping his family disassemble an old Army barracks as a kid, to building sets for his high school theater productions, to putting a second story addition on his own home, Mike enjoys construction projects of all shapes and sizes. Now that he's retired, he can usually be found working on his own home, or more likely, helping friends or neighbors with their projects. Mike and his wife live in Lewisberry, PA.

Mike's role in Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania is two-fold. As a Veteran himself, he is able to navigate the military landscape and provide perspective on policies and procedures. He also serves as an advisor on the construction and maintenance of the tiny homes and other facilities.

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