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15 for 15 Campaign

In many cultures, the number "15" symbolizes creativity, self-expression, personal growth, and transformation. It also represents rest and fulfillment.

That's why Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania (VOPA) decided to build 15 tiny homes as part of our mission to combat veteran homelessness. Our goal is to provide support and access to services that help veterans lead lives filled with renewed strength and purpose.


Since we broke ground in June 2023, VOPA has been diligently partnering with contractors, donors, and volunteers to build 'Veterans Grove.' This space is intended to be a sanctuary and central hub for veterans in our program, where they can work alongside VOPA staff and community partners to tackle the underlying causes of their homelessness.

Fifteen percent of homeless veterans are classified as "chronically homeless," which means they experience ongoing homelessness and face distinct and persistent challenges. In response to this specific issue, VOPA has embraced an evidence-based approach called the Therapeutic Community (TC) model*. This model involves more intensive engagement, an extended duration of care, and places significant emphasis on peer-to-peer support. It underscores the critical importance of community involvement in effectively addressing the needs of these veterans.

You can make a difference by donating just $15 a month. Your support will help VOPA in its ongoing mission to combat entrenched veteran homelessness. These funds will cover essential daily needs such as food, heat, electricity, water, and transportation.

We need your assistance to triumph in this critical mission. Together, we can and will combat veteran homelessness in our community. Join us in liberating these veterans from the burden of homelessness. 

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