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Located on the Susquehanna River 
in South Harrisburg

on a beautifully situated 5-acre parcel, VOPA plans to build a village of 15 tiny homes surrounding a community center for homeless Veterans. This unique but proven concept is specially designed to meet the specific needs of homeless Veterans. A calm setting, close to transportation and service providers, is a significant component of the Veteran’s healing process.


“It is an honor to be able to donate the 5 acre plot of land that will provide a foundation for a village of tiny houses and a community services building for Homeless Veterans who need help regaining their health, heart and place in the community. The heart shaped village reminds us to give back to our wounded veterans who have made so many sacrifices while defending our Nation.”


Peggy Grove and her son, Michael Grove


Phoenix Park Layout - Overall Site
Phoenix Park Layout - Heart Layout - Ent

Video includes a 3D walk-thru!

Tiny Homes 3D Cut-Away - Rev2 - 02022022 (1).jpg

VOPA’s Objective

is to provide each Veteran with his or her own tiny home, so they can feel safe and in control of their surroundings. This thoughtfully designed community for homeless Veterans will meet all local city code and ADA requirements and will connect to city utilities; water, sewer and electric. A tiny home provides everything the Veteran needs to live with dignity and safety, including a bed, bathroom with shower, desk, sink, and counter space with a refrigerator underneath. Transportation will be accessible to connect the Veteran to systems of care, employment and the community.

“Our Veterans have made the sacrifice to support and defend our constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They have done so by writing a blank check up to and payable with their very lives. It is now time we support homeless Veterans who have fallen on tough times. That is what Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania is all about.”


John Gronski, Major General (Retired)


Phoenix Park Layout - Heart Layout - Vie

The Centralized Community Center

promotes a nurturing environment where each Veteran can join with service providers, family, and friends to find a path that leads to a better life. Success will be supported through access to health, wellness, education, employment, and a myriad of other services provided at the Veteran’s pace.

“Our homeless veterans don’t need or want a handout, they need and want a hand up. And that is exactly what they will get from this place and the awesome VOPA team. We The People owe to them our debt of gratitude for that service and sacrifice. Through the efforts of VOPA we will be able to repay that debt to some of our veterans who are in need. I humbly ask that you also consider supporting this very worthy cause!”


Wilbur E. Wolf III, Brigadier General (Retired)


Phoenix Park Layout - Heart Layout - Vie
Phoenix Park Layout - Community

The On-site VOPA Community Center

is the heart of the tiny home village. The community center will offer a full continuum of care that enhances the housing support provided by the VOPA Village. The 6,000 square foot center features a community room and dining hall, a commercial kitchen, individual treatment rooms, meditation room, workshop, showers, and offices for on-site support staff.

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