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Sponsor a Brick

Sponsoring a brick will allow you to support a Veteran on the final stage of one journey and the beginning of another. VOPA will have areas paved with commemorative bricks that will offer individuals and organizations the opportunity to put their names on a brick to honor veterans or loved ones or recognize their support for the project. Please download and fill out the form to purchase your brick and provide a lasting contribution to Veterans experiencing homelessness in the Harrisburg area.


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Storytelling is an important part of the therapeutic community model. We all have personal stories that bring experiences and perspectives to others, which can inspire, motivate, and encourage positive changes in our lives. The stories of the men and women who have stood to defend America’s freedom throughout our shared history are exceptional. At Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania, we want to bring these stories to the community of veterans who will participate in our program and graduate to an empowered life filled with strength and purpose.

To advance this effort, we are focusing on our brick sponsorship campaign by asking individuals, families, and organizations to sponsor a brick in honor and/or memory of an individual, past or present, living or deceased, who has served our great nation in its armed services. We want to populate our Star Memorial Circle with the names of people who are connected to stories that will inspire, motivate, and encourage our veterans as they pass through our doors.


If you are interested in passing on the legacy of a loved one, a brother or sister in arms, or even the story of a service member you’ve never met but whose story may have inspired you, please consider sponsoring a brick and sending us a summary of the individual you wish to honor along with your brick sponsorship form. Please see our provided template for the information which will be helpful to us in telling the story of your hero.

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