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Homeless veterans in Dauphin County will soon have a place to call home

by Paola Belloso (FOX43)

HARRISBURG, Pa. — “This view and this river here--I'm a little overwhelmed. i can just see myself coming out here and sitting on a bench--and watching the river flow by," said Thomas Zimmerman from the Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania.

A five acre plot of land along the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg will soon become a community for the homeless veteran population in Dauphin county.

It's an initiative started by the veterans outreach of Pennsylvania and other local organizations to help veterans they say have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

"This land will fit 15 tiny homes--and within the 15 tiny homes there will be a bed in each home, there will be a small microwave, there will be a desk...and it will be their home," said Zimmerman.

There will also be a six thousand square foot community center.

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